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Exclusive Sneak Peek: KNIGHT OF THE ROUND’s Final Fantasy VII Homage Album Hits This Week

Hailing from the reaches of Chicagoland, KNIGHT OF THE ROUND is a heavy metal band with a name inspired by Final Fantasy VII’s endlessly-cinematic summon. While their name hails from the iconic seventh game in the series, their albums cover a wide range of Final Fantasy titles.

I heard somewhere that Final Fantasy VII was getting a remake or something soon, and so it would be good timing for the band to also release something based on its namesake: Which is why their latest album, SEVEN, releases this Friday, February 21st.

Oh JENOVA, you’ve never looked creepier.

While SEVEN doesn’t release until Friday, the band has given RPGFan an exclusive heads-up (unless you guys told other places in secret, but that would hurt our feelings) on some of the music from the release! Below, you can be among the first to hear KOTR’s “In Search of the Man in Black” plus a new recording of “The Chase.””

Along with being available in digital format, KNIGHT OF THE ROUND has several physical bundles on their Bandcamp Merch page, where you can pick up the music on CD, vinyl, with t-shirt options and even a USB drive with the band’s past albums on it. But really, the draw has got to be those materia-styled vinyls. Just look at this #@&%:

Finally, before we get to the music, KNIGHT OF THE ROUND is playing a live show this Saturday, February 22nd at the LiveWire Lounge in Chicago. If you’re in the area, check out the Facebook Event page.

That all said, I know what you’re saying: You Want Metal. Listen now!

In Search of the Man in Black

The Chase

I’m closing out this post with KNIGHT OF THE ROUND’s official boilerplate copy, which was too fun not to share:

Based out of the Chicagoland area, KNIGHT OF THE ROUND’s music pays tribute to Nobuo Uematsu’s timeless compositions in the Final Fantasy series, but takes the form of an assault of two crushing 8-string guitars, thunderous bass, and aggressive technical drumming. Spanning a wide variety of metal genres, from classic thrash to modern progressive metal, the quartet delivers iconic themes from the long-running series in the heaviest way possible.


And, of course, a news post wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available for PS4 on April 10th, weird Carbuncle and all.

Special thanks to the band’s PR manager Kyle, and to RPGSite’s Alex Donaldson for the tip!

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