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Trials of Mana Demo and New Game Plus Details Emerge

Square Enix is serving out a taste of Trials of Mana! A demo for the remake is now available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam!

While you are waiting on the demo to download, check out the game’s latest trailer:

The demo allows for players to try each of the six character’s beginning stories and carry their progress into the full game. Uncertain who you want to play? Square Enix prepared a little quiz to match you with your ideal character based on your personality! If you sign in with a Square Members account, completing the quiz unlocks special character avatar portraits!

In other news, Trials of Mana is adding new content not seen in the original game. The most important edition is an extra episode after the game ends. In that episode, your party learns of a Class 04 and depart to various lands to make the class switch. Class 04 is a new class that offers new weapons and special attacks. You will be able to choose light or dark for the class.

Furthermore, upon completing the extra episode, you can transfer your data into New Game Plus. Completing the extra episode and choosing the characters you used will unlock more new episodes throughout your new playthrough. Additionally, New Game Plus carries over your GP, Link Abilities, Li’l Cactus Discoveries, the levels of the characters you beat the game with, and more.

What’s that? Li’l Cactus is back? You bet! This iconic character from the Mana series is hiding throughout the world. Find him in towns and in the field and he’ll grant you rewards for your trouble!

For more, check out our game page that includes each character as either the light or the dark version of Class 04.

Trials of Mana releases for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on April 24th. Check back at RPGFan as we grow closer to the game’s release date!

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