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Combat Takes the Stage in New Sakura Wars Trailer

Our most recent update for Sakura Wars showcased the game’s colorful cast and their relationships with one another. Today, SEGA has released new screenshots and a trailer centered on the other half of the series’ trademark blending of RPG and dating sim elements. That’s right, today is all about combat!

Let’s start off with the brand-new combat trailer:

As you can see, when you aren’t trying to win the heart of Claris (or, you know, whichever of the women you prefer), your characters hop into their mecha for stylish action-based combat. You are part of Tokyo’s protectors, known as the Flower Division. Your boss Sumire Kanzaki (long-time series fans will recognize the name!) informs you that, of course, you have but one avenue to prevent the Division from being disbanded: By winning the Combat Revue World Games.

The battles are described as “elaborate stage performances,” and in this fictional version of Tokyo, they are meant to foster a spirit of unity across the various revues. Apparently one must be popular to be a proper hero and protect the people. Who knew? While you and your teammates are fighting for the glory of Tokyo, you will square off against combat revues from Shanghai, Berlin, and London.

These games play out as 3v3 team battles that take place over three rounds, in which you take the protagonist Seijuro into battle with two additional squadmates of your choice. Battles are won by accruing points by defeating targets in the arena. But much like… well, Splatoon is a weird thing to reference on RPGFan, but if the squid hat fits… Points are on a slider between the two teams, so every point you earn takes away from the other team and vice versa. SEGA describes it as a “tug-of-war-like gauge,” and whichever team has more of this gauge at the end of the battle is the victor.

You can see more new screenshots in our Sakura Wars gallery! Look for the PS4 exclusive game on April 28th, and see our previous story for full details on the launch and deluxe editions that will be available, plus pre-order bonuses.

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