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Fallout 76: Wastelanders Showcases NPCs, Mayhem, & West Virginia in New Trailer

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Fallout 76: Wastelanders, the upcoming free update that is set to bring NPCs, questlines, dialogue trees, factions and more into the wilds of an irradiated West Virginia. Check it out below!

The trailer above, alongside Bethesda’s official online hub for Wastelanders, hints at a bevy of both new locations and story beats that will be present within Fallout 76: Wastelander itself. Buried treasure rests within the Appalachian mountains and explorers want it, so people have returned to West Virginia in full force. These people are the NPCs that players will interact with, hailing primarily from two factions, the homespun Settlers looking for a home and the antagonistic Raiders who seek to be top dog within the wastelands. These two factions will have questlines, supporting Fallout-3-era dialogue options, for players to undertake as soon as they leave Vault 76, towards the beginning of the base game and throughout the experience at large.

Coupled with explosions, a bevy of new enemy types, new gear to earn, and a co-operative monster arena to test mettle against, Wastelanders seems to be something that might spice up the overall structure and tone of Fallout 76.

Wastelanders is set to release for Fallout 76 on April 14th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC systems via the game client. April 14th is also when Fallout 76 will launch on Steam for Windows PC systems. Players who already own Fallout 76 in the game client will be able to get a free copy of the game on Steam, provided they link both accounts. This offer ends on 11:59 ET, April 12th.

If you’re curious about Fallout 76, check out our review, penned by Jonathan Logan.

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