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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Coming Soon

The latest chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology is called Little Hope, a name belying the bleak and helpless situation the story’s protagonists are facing. Abandoned and alone, four college students and their professor are trapped by a fog in the isolated town of Little Hope. Searching for a way to escape, players uncover visions from the town’s occult-steeped past before evil forces consume them.

The game features a brand-new cast, one played by actor Will Poulter of Midsommar fame, and players can take the role of each of the five protagonists. Little Hope is designed to be replayable, and contains multiple storylines, paths, and endings. Every decision matters!

Check out the trailer here:

The game features “Shared Story” and “Movie Night” modes, allowing players to share their progress with friends online or offline. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will come to the Americas in summer 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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Kim Key

Kim Key

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