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Moonlighter ‘Between Dimensions’ Expansion Arriving On Consoles On May 29th

Console players rejoice! 11 Bit Studios has announced that Between Dimensions, the largest content update for Moonlighter, an action-RPG and shopkeeping hybrid, is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch on May 29th. The DLC will cost $6.99 (USD) on digital storefronts. Check out the announcement trailer below!

Releasing in time for Moonlighter’s second anniversary, Between Dimensions expands the lore and gameplay of Rynoka, the game in which the village is set, by way of a new portal appearing within the bounds of the town, bringing dangerous monsters and anxiety to its civilians. Will, the protagonist of Moonlighter, believes it may hold, as ever, profitable loot, to gain and sell within the bounds of his shop.

The content within Between Dimensions can only be accessed by completing the base game of Moonlighter and offers new enemies to face, new upgrades to earn, new items to sell, and new lore to uncover. It will also provide some additional free content for all players who own the game. For a full list of features, feast your eyes down below:

  • A brand-new Interdimensional Dungeon (with a chance for it to appear as a Corrupted Dungeon in the original dungeons!)
  • 10 all-new original enemies and 5 minibosses
  • A full set of weapons with a new short sword, a large sword, bow, gloves, and spear
  • A new set of armor with a helmet, chest, and boots
  • Trick weapons – 10 unique weapons in total – both powerful… and punishing!
  • New rings for boosting Will’s passive abilities
  • New shop upgrade allowing Will to showcase his new Interdimensional Items
  • New customers wanting to trade and an unfamiliar NPC: The Trader
  • New thieves to invade your shop (free content)
  • A new client – the indecisive customer (free content)
  • A bothersome bird terrorizing your customers (free content)

As someone who has sunk a little time into Moonlighter, you could do a lot worse to while away the days in these trying times. If you’re curious about what Moonlighter offers, check out our review of the original game, and the new DLC, penned by Greg Delmage.

Moonlighter is available for PC, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Between Dimensions is currently available for PC and macOS systems.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Moonlighter!

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