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Pet Your Friends And Trample Your Foes With New Animal Companions In The Waylanders

A true staple of the RPG genre, animal companions have become a well loved trope throughout the years. While many games will feature a canine or dragon companion fighting at your side, Gato Salvaje intends to shake up the selection with their upcoming RPG, The Waylanders!

In The Waylanders, players who choose the Ranger class will have access to 12 unique animal companions, each bringing different skills and abilities to the battlefield. These animal companions will also level up alongside the party, and be able to understand commands, just like any other party member. While some of these companions are locked to certain races and advanced classes, most companions will be able to follow any Ranger the player creates. The available pets are as follows:

  • Dog – A loyal canine who charge into battle with distracting barks and sharp bites!
  • Wolf – A pack hunter who can heal their own wounds with attacks, and assist the party with an invigorating howl.
  • Wild Boar – A stout ally who is able to charge enemies with their sharp tusks.
  • Deer – Swift and agile, the deer attacks enemies with a flurry of sharp hooves and headbutts.
  • Rabbit – Faster than a blue hedgehog, this fuzzy companion has a few tricks up their sleeve!
  • Bear – A guardian of the forests, who rips into enemies with savage jaws.
  • Raven – A mysterious omen with a razor sharp beak.
  • Jay – A colorful bird who utilizes it’s sharp talons in swooping attacks.
  • Panther – A lithe predator who pounces on their enemies before being seen.
  • Spider – An utterly terrifying huntress who lures her prey into her deadly web.
  • Dragon – A legendary creatures who fights with an explosive breath ability.
  • Drake – A scaly carnivore who fights with a combination of brutal charge attacks and deadly breath abilities

While Rangers will receive the full benefits of animal companionship, magic wielders will also be able to have furry friends of their own! Or rather, ethereal friends! For example, the Summon the Wild spell allows healers to conjured spiritual guardians to assist the party in their fights. Certain party members may also bring their own animal companions to battle, though the results may be a bit more… Explosive than expected. While petting animals is not currently available in the alpha build, the team is always excited to hear feedback on both their Twitter and Facebook pages, so stop on buy and tell them we want to pet the dog, wolf, panther, and spiders too!

Make sure to watch IGN’s Summer of Gaming showcase, where The Waylanders release date is set to be announced on June 8th! And, as always, stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on your favorite games!

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