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New Paper Mario: The Origami King Trailer Reveals Several Details

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Nintendo has released a new video for Paper Mario: The Origami King describing several new gameplay aspects, including plot details, combat, partner characters and more. Check it out below!

The plot begins with Princess Peach’s castle being seized by streamers and the appearance of King Olly, also known as the Origami King, causing Mushroom Kingdom to descend into chaos and disorder. After these events, Mario must embark on his journey to reclaim Princess Peach’s castle.

Partner characters in the vein of the first three Paper Mario installments are back in Origami King. One of the characters that will assist Mario in battle is Bobby the amnesiac Bob-omb who fights by tackling enemies. Unlike others in his species, he does not have a visible fuse. In addition, Professor Toad and Kamek will be joining Mario in his journey.

Mario’s main ally is Olivia, Olly’s younger sister who uses her powers for good and joins Mario to thwart her brother’s evil plans. Her abilities are helpful to get Mario out of tough situations.

Combat in this game takes a unique turn compared to previous installments. Battles take place on a grid of rings containing segments that can be adjusted to place enemies into a position that becomes advantageous to the player. However, there is a time limit for players to move the enemies in an ideal position, testing the player’s speed and knowledge of the system.

Boss battles provide another twist on Paper Mario combat. Before attacking, Mario must chart a path to the boss by sliding the surrounding ring grid and proceeding along the path to dish out damage. Fitting with the origami theme, the bosses are a departure from standard Mario series opponents and include a set of color pencils, a tape dispenser, and a rubber band monster.

Last but not least, the trailer covers side quests and collectibles the game has to offer. A couple of the new quests include rescuing Toads disguised as various objects across the world and tossing confetti to repair holes in the landscape. There are also mini-games to sink time into, including a shooting range and a ring puzzle. Completing these will net various collectibles while many more can be found by exploring the world.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is scheduled for release on July 17th for Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to RPGFan for updates on the Paper Mario series!

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