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The Waylanders Gets Early Access Steam Release

Gato Salvaje Studio has recently announced that their upcoming Celtic-inspired RPG Waylanders will be arriving at Steam Early Access on June 16th for $34.99, launching with a temporary discount of 10%. The game features real-time pause combat, with nine companion characters and six basic classes to choose from.

The Early Access version of the game will contain about 10-12 hours of content, while the full game is expected to take around 40 hours to complete. Future updates on the game’s progress will be available after the release of the Early Access version. Keep checking RPGFan for more updates about party-based roleplaying!

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Mitchell Mulroy

Mitchell Mulroy

Mitch joined RPGFan in early 2019. He wrote articles about VNs and adventure games once in a while. Currently he is trying to infiltrate Capcom to get them to release another Ace Attorney game already.

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