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Rogue Lords Announced for 2021

The Devil is in the details, and he is all over Rogue Lords! Developed by Cyanide Studio, Leikir Studio and published by Nacon, Rogue Lords is a roguelike RPG that puts you in the shoes of The Devil as he amasses an army of other monster and horror legends.

Watch the pre-alpha trailer below:

Recruit the likes of Dracula, Bloody Mary, the Headless Horseman and more in a turn-based battle system! You can upgrade your band of evil minions with new abilities and gather souls to turn the tide of battle against the the Demon Hunters who fell you. A bit more from the official press release:

Each run is unique, with new paths, new encounters and new opportunities on every playthrough. Players might choose to burn a farm to the ground on one run or spare the land and recruit its residents to The Devil’s cause on another. Some choices are riskier than others, and the disciples’ talents will change the outcome of the encounter. Dracula can calmly persuade mortals with his vampiric charm while the Headless Horseman might end the conversation through sheer terror alone.

When all is lost, players can draw upon The Devil’s powers and use their harvested souls to transcend the bounds of the game world and cheat. Enemy health bars, luck and other variables can be manipulated at will to tilt the balance of power in Evil’s favour and literally change the game.

Rogue Lords releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam sometime in 2021. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more!

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Tyler Trosper

Tyler Trosper

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