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Sea of Stars Gets New Trailer At Summer Game Fest

Sabotage Studio have unveiled a new trailer for Sea of Stars, their upcoming RPG-in-the-works, as part of the Summer Game Fest. Sea of Stars sets itself in the vein of the JRPGs of yesteryear, promising retro aesthetic and turn-based battling galore. Check out the trailer below!

A canonical prequel to The Messenger, Sabotage Studio’s previous title, Sea of Stars focuses on two heroes, Zale and Valere. Known as Children of the Solstice, they utilise sun and moon magic, respectively, to power Eclipse Magic, power strong enough to fend off the minions of the Fleshmancer, the purported villain for Sea of Stars.

Sabotage Studio, during their latest Kickstarter update for Sea of Stars, confirmed that a playable demo would be released sooner rather than later to those who pledged money towards the title, though no specific date was confirmed. The demo would be set within the middle section of the game, with both Zale and Valere leaving the party, to go on a quest that will expose players to a variety of environments, namely an outdoor dungeon, village, and indoor dungeon.

As it stands, Sea of Stars looks to be a wonderful homage to the classic RPG titles of old, ala Chrono Trigger or Golden Sun, and Sabotage Studio is set on providing content to those who graciously funded the project as soon as they can, irrespective of its slated 2022 release on both PC and unspecified consoles.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Sea of Stars and RPG!

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Trent Argirov

Trent Argirov

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