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Check Out New Baldur’s Gate III Gameplay from D&D Live 2020

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Recently, at D&D Live 2020, Larian Studios released over an hour of new gameplay for their upcoming game, Baldur’s Gate III, the newest entry in the acclaimed Baldur’s Gate series! Check out the new gamplay trailer below, but be forewarned that you’re in for over an hour of exciting new gameplay!

Of particular note, in regard to the gamplay video, is how much Larian Studios has changed the mechanics of Baldur’s Gate III since the most recent trailer at PAX East from earlier this year. Listening intently to community feedback, Larian Studios have adjusted many different aspects of the game, with some of the most notable changes being:

  • The narrator which accompanies the player throughout the game has changed to speaking in present tense and second-person narration.
  • The initiative system has been reworked, allowing characters with similar initiative to be grouped together during their turn, creating unique scenarios where multiple characters can act on the same turn!
  • An Inspiration system has been implemented in the game. By finding unique solutions to scenarios throughout the game, players will be awarded inspiration, allowing them to reroll dice rolls, which can prove vital in life or death scenarios.
  • The world of Baldur’s Gate III will react properly to the created player character, changing dialogue options in accordance with the player characters race, class, and previous actions.

It’s clear to see Larian Studios is holding nothing back when it comes to Baldur’s Gate III. With such a dedicated crew behind it, I’m positive that Baldur’s Gate III will be one of the best games of 2020!

Baldur’s Gate III is set to release in August of 2020 for the PC. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on the Baldur’s Gate series!

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