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A Crossover with Xenoblade Chronicles Is Tetris 99’s Next Big Thing

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Screenshot 003

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that the one thing missing from an otherwise-flawless puzzle game is the Monado, your time has come at last. For the rest of us, Tetris 99‘s latest themed event is just another wacky, albeit welcome, Nintendo moment.

With the recent release of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (which our very own Zach Wilkerson believes you should play posthaste) , there can be little doubt that its epic soundtrack and instantly recognizable sound effects are still buzzing in the minds of millions of fans worldwide. What better way to embrace the earworm than by block-battling 98 other players in a mad blitz to victory?

Between July 3rd and July 6th, aim to score 100 points in order to unlock this limited-time Xenoblade Chronicles theme forever and ever. Don’t worry if you’re as dire at Tetris 99 as I am — even if you perform poorly, you’ll still gain a few points as a consolation prize.

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