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Dreamscaper Launches in Steam Early Access on August 14th

Wake up! Dreamscaper will be leaping into your dreams in Steam Early Access on August 14th!

Watch the launch date announcement trailer below:

Here’s some more information on Dreamscaper from the team:

Dreamscaper is an ethereal experience that pulls you into a never-ending cycle of dreaming and waking as protagonist Cassidy battles fiendish nightmares in hack ‘n slash gameplay to uncover the mystery surrounding her life. Drawn into Cassidy’s tortured subconscious, where every slumber is a different surreal nightmare with a new ordeal to overcome, you must navigate this ever-changing world and confront unique events and challenges every night. In the dreamscape, anything goes, which gives you a multitude of attack options against Cassidy’s ghastly mental demons, from finger guns and yo-yo’s to rending the earth beneath you or even controlling time itself.

Once awake again, you can interact with people in Cassidy’s life to forge new relationships and piece her life events together, unlocking upgrades that will impact her next dream and make her stronger. But as soon as Cassidy falls asleep again the cycle continues, throwing you into her beautiful, haunting dreamscapes to confront and defeat her nightmares head-on in a rich combat system where careful positioning, exact timing and quick reflexes are rewarded.

A full release hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re still excited to dive in and see how fans react to the game when it hits Early Access next month! Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more about Dreamscaper!

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Tyler Trosper

Tyler Trosper

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