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Granblue Fantasy: Versus Players Can Expect New DLC Characters This Autumn!

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is getting Belial and Cagliostro!

It’s a good time to be a Granblue Fantasy: Versus player, as XSEED, Cygames, and Arc System Works have announced that series fan favourites Belial and Cagliostro are set to release in two DLC updates later this year. The game will be receiving a number of updates over the next few months, including a 1.40 update which drops today!

Granblue Fantasy: Versus promo art

Granblue Fantasy: Versus update schedule:

  • Update version 1.40 – Today, August 8 at 6:00 PM PT
    • RPG mode Main Quest episodes 41-45
    • New boss encounters
    • Clearing episode 45 will give players a serial number to redeem for 1000 crystals in the mobile game Granblue Fantasy
  • “Boss Battle Time Attack” Event – August 17-22
    • Ares will be the first boss encounter
    • Additional bosses and events to be announced
    • Ranked players will receive special titles and plates as rewards
  • “GBVS: Blitz” Event – September 4-6
    • Allows players to challenge each other for prizes and trophies
    • Does not affect normal Versus Rank
    • Ranked players will receive special titles and plates as rewards
    • Regular ranked matches will be unavailable during this time
  • Update version 2.00 – September 24
    • Characters will be rebalanced
    • Online lobbies will be improved
    • Online matching will be improved
    • Character Pass 2 made available for sale
    • Versus Rank will be reset for all groups
  • Additional Character Set: Belial – September 24
    • Released as part of Version 2.00
    • Voice acting by Yoshimasa Hosoya
    • Includes playable character, lobby avatar, support icon
    • Grants 2 additional quests
    • Includes bonus content for Granblue Fantasy mobile game: Main Character outfit “Alter Ego Malicious”
  • Additional Character Set: Cagliostro – Late October
    • Includes voice acting by Sakura Tange
    • Further details to come

There will be 4 more Additional Character Set releases between December 2020 and Summer 2021, though details have not yet been announced. XSEED has noted that the English voiceover work for the current planned character releases will be delayed due to COVID-19 issues.

Please check out the trailers for both the Main Quest updates and Belial below!

One More Thing…

Fighting game fans can also rejoice, as XSEED and Arc System Works have announced a team-up between Granblue Fantasy: Versus and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle in October 2020! The 2 top regional contenders at ARCREVO 2020 will be invited to take part in a special exhibition match between America and Japan in Spring 2021. More details at the ARCREVO website.

You can get more Granblue Fantasy: Versus goodness at our game hub page, and don’t forget to check out our review!

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