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Mortal Shell Is Getting A Physical Collector’s Edition in October

A Screenshot From Mortal Shell Showing An Armored Warrior

Mortal Shell, the dark fantasy action RPG from Playstack, has been getting a lot of attention recently: so much so, in fact, that the developers have decided to release a physical edition of the game after all. While the game is now available as of August 18th, a boxed physical release will make its way to retailers on October 2nd.

According to CEO Harvey Elliot, “ever since we revealed the project, fans have been continually telling us across Discord, email and social media that they desperately want a physical edition. We are delighted to be answering the community’s call, and we are working on some exclusive extras that will make the boxed version even more special.” Due to the associated manufacturing costs, the physical release of Mortal Shell will occur two months after its digital release, but at the same time, fans who purchase the boxed set will get a poster and an artbook. Plus, it will retail at a reduced price point of $29.99 USD.

On the subject of the game’s release, a new cinematic trailer, “Birth of Solomon,” has been released as well. This trailer was done by Alessandro Pacciani, who also directed the Dark Souls II cinematic trailer and the live-action trailer for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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