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Alt-History SRPG Black Legend Gets New Trailer and Steam Festival Demo

Black Legend Two soldiers roaming through the fog

Belgian studio Warcave has released a new trailer for its upcoming Strategy RPG Black Legend, a game set in a dark alternate version of 17th century Belgium and the Netherlands. Amidst the crumbling, once prosperous city of Grant, players will control a group of mercenaries who will contend with cults, plague, and a sinister fog which drives people mad.

Black Legend is set to release in early 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. A steam demo will run until October 13th, so players will have to act fast to see an early version of the game. Check out the trailer below.

Keep checking RPGFan for more SRPG news! You can find more information on Black Legend via the game’s official website.

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Mitchell Mulroy

Mitchell Mulroy

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