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Tifa Almost Got Her Own Chapter In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Heroine Tifa Lockhart leans forward at her bar in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is pretty good. For my money, it’s the best game to be released this year. But there’s always room for improvement, right? Improvements such as a Tifa-centric story chapter that was scrapped during the development process.

Whenever a hot new Final Fantasy is released, an “Ultimania” tends to follow. Ultimanias are delicious compendiums bursting with additional information on the vision, creation, characters, and worlds of mainline titles, but unfortunately, they tend to be a Japan-only affair (in recent times, Square Enix has partnered with Dark Horse Books to bring the series backlog to the West all these years later). Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania will hit Japanese store shelves on November 3rd, and thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web, some early receivers in the Land of the Rising Sun are sharing heaps of information with their global fellow fans.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania Screenshot

One particular Twitter user, @aitakimochi, has been making waves this week with the news that during the planning phase of Final Fantasy VII Remake, a chapter was envisioned which would have followed Tifa after certain plot shenanigans separate her from Cloud around the conclusion of the game’s first act. Tifa’s mission would have showcased her heroism and charm as she works alongside other members of eco-terrorist group Avalanche.

We also would have gotten more context regarding Wutai, the country that fought and lost a war against Shinra prior to the events of the game. In the original Final Fantasy VII, not a whole lot is said about Wutai until well past the point of the story in which Final Fantasy VII Remake hits its cliffhanger ending, but Remake has planted intriguing narrative seeds about the faraway nation. Hearing the characters talk more about Avalanche’s alleged ties with Wutai would have been almost as cool as bashing in more skulls with Tifa front-and-center.

For some followup comments from the author, be sure to click on one of the above tweets.

What do you think? Would you have been happy to see this chapter come to fruition? Do you think this is a lost cause, or do you suppose an “Episode Tifa”, if you will, might come out eventually as DLC or some sort of next-gen re-release incentive? Either way, we’re sure to see plenty more from the valiant Tifa Lockhart in the years to come, since Final Fantasy VII Remake was just the beginning of the retold and reloaded adventures of a spiky-headed punk and his ever-faithful allies.

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