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2D Side-Scrolling RPG Lost Epic Promises Stylish Action & Art Next Year for PC

To scratch the itch between the picturesque games Vanillaware and other art-orientated studios posits, players may have to look no further, with the announcement of Lost Epic, a 2D side-scrolling action RPG coming to Windows PC systems in 2021, announced by both publisher OneOrEight and developer Team EARTH WARS. Check out an announcement trailer for the title below!

The striking art style blending anime aesthetic and watercolour, is due in part to Namie, an artist serving as Main Illustrator for Lost Epic itself, with involvement in projects such as Fate/Grand Order, Azur Lane, and Arknights. Additionally, Naohito Hama serves as Environment Artist, Sanjyou as Enemy Illustrator, and Daisuke Ninomiya as Motion Artist on Lost Epic.

Players will take on the role of the knight known as God Slayer, taking up arms across Sanctum—the setting of Lost Epic—to bring the Pantheon of Six to their knees. Team EARTH WARS promised, via the title’s Steam page, that Lost Epic will contain “fast, action-packed battles”, “a huge range of character progression”, “a multitude of upgradeable weapons”, “memorable side stories from unique NPCs”, and “a world full of diverse biomes and gimmicks”. Alongside its mechanics, Lost Epic will include English, Japanese, and Chinese language support upon release.

If the above footage is anything to judge upon, it seems like Team EARTH WARS is well on the way to delivering upon those claims, and that players in search of a new action RPG to play have might just have something to look forward to next year. Personally, as someone who enjoys side-scrolling games, no matter the genre, Lost Epic will be something that I’ll be keeping a close eye on as more information is revealed.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Lost Epic as it develops!

Source: Gematsu

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