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Marvelous Unveils Several More Characters in Rune Factory 5

Screenshot From Rune Factory 5 Featuring A Character Shielding Someone From Harm

Rune Factory 5 is heading to Nintendo Switch in Japan on May 20th of next year, with a vague (but nevertheless welcome) “2021” date planned for the West. With six months left on the clock before Japanese fans get their hands on the farming/adventure hybrid, Marvelous is amping up the marketing. Two new romance options and four more townsfolk have been revealed this week. Lucy and Cecil are bachelor and bachelorettes, respectively, whilst Simone, Terry, Hina, and Julian are not. I’ve got to say, despite the brevity of these blurbs these characters still sound quite cool!

Lucy (Voiced by Yuka Iguchi)

Priscilla’s childhood friend. She loves being active. She is always mindful to not let Priscilla fall into danger. She can be quite the sore loser and is always challenging the protagonist to contests. While she has the special skill of immediately befriending someone as if she has known them forever, she actually gets quite lonely.

Cecil (Voiced by Ayumu Murase)

Martin’s younger brother. A simple-minded young man who longs to become a detective. He is inquisitive to the point he can turn anything into a case with his imagination, and gets along well with the protagonist. Since he and his brother do not talk much since growing up, he wonders if he is being somewhat distant, but loves his brother at heart. He wants to become a detective so he can find his missing parents.

Simone (Voiced by Marika Kouno)

The town mayor and doctor. She puts the patient first and cannot ignore the ill, but tests out new medicine as if it were no big deal. Everyone has great confidence in her.

Terry (Voiced by Taku Yashiro)

A well-informed detective who enjoys chasing mysteries while on the job. A man of action.

Hina (Voiced by Shiina Natsukawa)

A wereanimal girl rescued by the protagonist. She is impulsive and easily shifts interest to new things. She is naturally elusive.

Julian (Voiced by Masami Suzuki)

Simone’s son and Lucy’s younger brother. He loves exploring but often tends to get lost. He wants to make a good impression on Hina.

What do you think? Do you look forward to the aforementioned befriending and/or wooing? Who are some of your favorite romantic liaisons from Rune Factory‘s past entries? Sound off in the comments section and stick with RPGFan for more exciting updates on Rune Factory 5!

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