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Moonana Reveals Dungeon-Crawling Skeleton RPG Osteoblasts

Osteoblasts Screenshot

Developer Moonana surprised many people with the incredibly stylish Virgo Versus the Zodiac in 2019. Neal called it “An utterly delightful game” in his review. Along with revealing Keylocker earlier this year, Moonana has announced another game in development: Osteoblasts. It’s really hard for me not to quote the official press release here, because it’s one of the best synopses I’ve ever read:

Osteoblasts is a dungeon crawler skeletal RPG about skeletons, by skeletons and for skeletons.

If you actually need to know more, I got you. Interestingly, the game is being developed by “Anglerman,” Moonana’s animator, and published by Moonana. While I imagine there might be other people working on it too, if this is a one-person show? I’m impressed.

Osteoblasts puts you in the… shoes? of a skeleton raised from the dead by a mysterious Cat Witch. Multiple classes and quests are available as you dungeon crawl, and randomized elements keep things interesting. Here’s a bit more from the developer, plus first screenshots:

You’ll be faced with various quests, meet friendly skeletons, travel to spine-tingling dungeons and fight monsters to get stronger. The entire world has class-specific quests and several randomized elements that will change as you visit them again. But beware – as a sinister skeleton wandering about, not everyone will accept you. The dead aren’t as welcome as they should and it’s not even halloween yet.

You can play a demo version of Osteoblasts now from the game’s Steam page, and the full game is coming to Windows on February 12, 2021.

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