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New Dev Diary and Trailer Reveal More of Musical Cyberpunk RPG Keylocker

Profile view of the Keylocker heroine against a city backdrop.

Yes, yes, I know THAT GAME is what comes to mind right now when we see the word “cyberpunk,” but CDPR’s game isn’t the only one in town that can use that aesthetic. Revealed in June, Moonana (who gave us Virgo Versus the Zodiac last year) has released a pair of new videos for their excellent and intensely-bright musical cyberpunk RPG, Keylocker. Set in a cyberpunk world without music (inside of Saturn, no less), one girl makes it her mission to bring music back to society.

I was already on board for aesthetic reasons alone, but getting some new insight into the development and more is always welcome. First, let’s take a look at the three and a half minute developer diary below:

Okay, I’m in so far! What’s next? A trailer featuring new locales and a brand-new song reveal? Okay, give me more:

YEP. I’m in. Keylocker doesn’t yet have a release date, Moonana instead opting for the wise “when it’s ready” plan, but the game is certainly shaping up nicely. We close out today’s update with a bevy of new screenshots, more of which can be found on our Keylocker hub. Check back with RPGFan for all your turn based cyberpunk action rhythm RPG needs!

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