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Retro Styled Action RPG Ocean’s Heart Gets New Trailer

Ocean's Heart Screenshot

Indie game designer Max Mraz has recently released a new trailer showing off his pixel-art action RPG Ocean’s Heart. In it, narrator and main character Tilia recounts how her father was kidnapped by the infamous pirate Blackbeard in a charming, self-aware vignette. She also includes getting distracted by side-quests – whether it’s stopping a pirate plot involving a dog’s birthday party or becoming a tic-tac-toe champion, Ocean’s Heart encourages players to explore the world and find secrets off the beaten path.

Check the trailer below for more details on the setting, crafting elements, and more.

Ocean’s Heart launches on Steam in 2021. Keep an eye on RPGFan for more coverage.

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Mitchell Mulroy

Mitchell Mulroy

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