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Phoenix Edge Ep. 157 – DQ XI Re-Release – Is it Worth it? + 35th Anniversary DQ Speculation

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For many, Dragon Quest XI is one of the most beloved JRPGs of the PS4/Switch generation. With that said, early adopters of DQXI on the PS4 paid full price for the game, only to be tempted with a greatly expanded version of the game on the Nintendo Switch 18-months later… at a lower resolution and an additional $60.00 to enjoy that content. Now, on December 5th, 2020, the Nintendo Switch version of DQXI is debuting on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, which has the expanded content, and an increased resolution at a full 60 FPS for $40.00. Should Square Enix offer early adopters of DQXI on PS4 a cheaper DLC option, or should fans purchase this game a 3rd time? Is the JRPG practice of these “royal editions” absent DLC options for early adopters, pro-consumer? On a separate note, the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary is coming in 2021, and speculation is already starting to build on what types of announcements fans may see next year. Lastly, the panel discusses their favorite Dragon Quest game in the series.

Topic Timecodes:

  • 01:46 – Changes to DQXI DE Version on Console
  • 05:38 – Is DQXI Re-Release on PS4 pro-Consumer?
  • 21:02 – Are “Royal Edition” in general pro-Consumer?
  • 34:48 – Will we buy DQXI AGAIN on console?
  • 38:28 – Media Partner –
  • 40:07 – Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Speculation
  • 01:12:06 – What is your FAVORITE Dragon Quest game?

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Robert Hatfield

Robert Hatfield

Robert operates the weekly Phoenix Edge RPG podcast on YouTube, RPGFan's first Media Partner. He spends his day buried deep in QuickBooks as an accountant, and his evenings recording podcasts, editing videos, moderating the Resonant Arc YouTube Channel Discord, or playing video games.

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I loved DQXI - put in around 100 hours playing it. I would've enjoyed the "old school" version as well if it had come with my PS4 copy at the time, but no, I'm not paying again.

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