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An Emotional Reveal Trailer Tells Us Little and Yet So Much: Mass Effect Will Continue

A space vehicle and unidentified characters from a new Mass Effect project.

It wasn’t so much those four words alone that gave me the feels. It was an image just beforehand that sealed the deal. But it was still a darn good way to end a reveal trailer.

It’s hard to imagine any Mass Effect fan not tearing up a bit tonight. Even those among us who lost some heart in the epic space franchise following a somewhat less-than-stellar 2017 spinoff should be as wide-eyed as I am about a trailer that ends with Dr. Liara T’Soni holding a trinket shaped like a Mass Relay that just so happens to have an N7 logo on it. Does this mean more Shepard? Somehow? In some way?

Who’s to say? It would be a crazy feat of logistics, technology, and narrative prowess if it happened. But even if that’s not the case, that was Liara T’Soni. I can’t stop shaking. Apologies to readers who weren’t hit as hard by this as I was; it’s hard penning an objective news story when a dream comes true before your eyes.

“Mass Effect will continue.”

I suppose, for the moment, there’s little more to say. But what a way to awaken the Normandy lovers in us all.

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I never played the original trilogy - tried all their demos, but they didn't interest me enough to buy. I did, however, pick up Andromeda. I love that game!! So much so that I considered trying out the original three until I read that there are no puzzles in them. Remember when all RPGs had puzzles?! My minor complaint with Andromeda is I'd switch up the puzzles more (less with the sudoku-esqe ones - add a bit more variety). My only major complaint with it is the inability to save during "major" story points. Don't know why they chose to design it that way, but I hope it's a choice they don't return to!

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