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The Upcoming Fourth Dragon Age Game Gets a Seedy Sneak Peek at The Game Awards

Artwork From Dragon Age Short Story The Next One Featuring A Warrior Facing Off Against A Blighted Monster

For those among us who have been thirsty for Dragon Age news since what feels like time immemorial, rejoice: we’ve officially been given… um, a few drops of water.

At The Game Awards tonight, BioWare took one more tiny layer of wrapping paper off of the highly-anticipated fourth Dragon Age game, still lacking a formal title and likely not coming anytime especially soon. Narrated by everybody’s favorite dwarf and ending on everyone’s favorite-or-least-favorite elf, it’s a spiffy minute-long dive if nothing else. And it seems to confirm for the few fans still in doubt that the setting will, indeed, be the Tevinter Imperium. Tevinter is a seedy place ripe for all sorts of political intrigue, so consider me stoked.

Our wait may be agonizing, but if there’s one thing we BioWare fans do well it’s excessively theorize over every single frame of every single trailer ever made. Stay with us at RPGFan; we’ll get through this drought together!

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