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Finding Paradise Coming to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2021

A cliff overlooking a crescent moon by the sea in Finding Paradise.

We here at RPGFan love To the Moon. Two of our reviewers gave it a 90 and above; the third only gave it an 86 (still a great score!) because the Switch port is… not the best. As fate would have it, we also love To the Moon’s terrific 2017 sequel, Finding Paradise. Our own Bob Richardson called it “a memorable experience that may last me a lifetime, like a good book or film.” The heartfelt game, much like its predecessor, delivers that rare blend of narrative richness and audiovisual splendor that makes coming back to it an all-too-easy task.

All that to say, Finding Paradise is the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a game that deserves to be savored and contemplated in a portable fashion — maybe by laying in bed late at night, or perhaps whilst you sit on your patio with a good cup of tea in hand. That’s why we’re all hoping this Switch port is better-handled than To the Moon’s.

The Switch announcement trailer up above has refueled all the reasons why I love Finding Paradise. It’s serene yet crisp; warm and thought-provoking without overextending itself. In short, it’s a good time, and I look forward to revisiting it sometime next spring.

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