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To Hell With It; The Elder Scrolls Online Lets Oblivion Take You in 2021

A tome lights up with the runic symbol for "Oblivion" in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Let’s take care of the draugr in the room first: The Elder Scrolls VI is still years away. Clicking the link in my previous sentence will lead you to a page that’s emptier than Windhelm’s Palace of the Kings after I’ve slain Ulfric Stormcloak and looted him for every single bowl he owned. Skyrim has been a fixture in our lives for nearly a decade. It is ubiquitous. You can play it on PC with endless mods; you can play it on PS3 and Xbox 360 if you’re feeling brave; you can play it on PS4 in full VR: you can play it on Xbox One with many of the PC version’s best mods; you can play it in bed on Nintendo Switch. And yes, you can indeed fiddle with it a bit via Amazon Alexa. The whole thing’s a lark.

Perhaps the good people at ZeniMax Online Studios have realized we’ve seen enough snow to last us ten winters. Moving past the Dark Heart of Skyrim and back into the grassy fields of halcyon Cyrodiil, ZeniMax invites us all to go straight to hell with a long-awaited ode to the terrifying otherworldly realms seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

I didn’t play Oblivion until a couple of years ago, but I still enjoyed the game a good bit. One of my roommates, on the other hand, lived and breathed the fourth mainline Elder Scrolls extravaganza for quite a while; she audibly shrieked when The Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion came roaring in with its coming-in-2021 reveal. A textbook MMORPG enthusiast, she lamented to me that she’ll now need to keep up with Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, and ESO.

If you’re anything like my roommate, you’re thrilled to tears to see the Gates of Oblivion reopening at last. You can bet that RPGFan will keep you posted on this next big chapter in Tamriel’s online escapades. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to continue waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI by — natch — replaying Skyrim.

Look, I found some suave new mods, OK?

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