Square Enix Dishes Out A Ton of New Bravely Default II Details

Four heroes lined up ready to save the world in Bravely Default II.

Bravely Default II is kind of a big deal around here. The third game in the Bravely Default franchise — don’t let that Roman numeral fool you — is the splashy Nintendo Switch debut that retro RPG fans have been waiting for. As if guided by well-meaning fairies, Square Enix has graciously given fans a great, big taste of what we can expect from the game’s characters, world, gameplay, and more.

Four heroes stand gallantly in official artwork for Bravely Default II.

Bravely Default II‘s world is said to be an “orthodox evolution of the Bravely Default series.” The continent of Excillant, which is where the game’s story takes place, is filled with various societies. Two of those societies are the Drought Kingdom Savalon with peculiar sinking troubles, and the Magic Kingdom Wiswald with its overgrowth of vegetation and disorder in equal measure.

As for newly-introduced characters, prepare for a deluge. First up, some fresh faces from Savalon:

First Prince Castor (voiced by Satoshi Hino)
The first prince of Savalon, prominent in the literary and military arts. Although he participates on the council on behalf of King Leon, he is worried about its current state under the control of wealthy merchants who prioritize profits over national politics and the people’s happiness.

Second Prince Boor (voiced by Shougo Sakata)
Prince Castor’s younger brother. He is a kind prince who cares for and worries about his brother, who tends to be reckless. He is currently away from Savalon, studying abroad to expand his horizons.

Chief Archivist Andro (voiced by Shozo Sasaki)
A man who works as the Chief Archivist of Savalon. The Chief Archivist records the events that occur in the kingdom, comparing them to those of the past, and assists the king.

Olfa Dragordia (voiced by Nobuo Tobita)
Troubadour Asterisk Holder. A man who loves tragic plays and often speaks in a way belittling of others. He was once employed as the court poet of Musa, but was banished from the kingdom.

Shaula Clarence (voiced by Junko Minagawa)
Gambler Asterisk Holder. A wicked woman who challenges the men seduced by her beauty to card games, taking all their money and using them as pawns.

Nihal (voiced by Yukiyo Fujii)
Beastmaster Asterisk Holder. A reticent woman who puts on beast and animal performances at the casino hall.

Bernard Alphard (voiced by Takaya Kuroda)
Thief Asterisk Holder and owner of Savalon’s casino hall.

And next some wondrous folks from Wiswald:

Emma Odilia (voiced by Masako Katsuki)
Elvis and Rody’s late master. As the central figure in the founding of Wiswald, she was a just and impartial mage.

Rody Grenadine (voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto)
Red Mage Asterisk Holder. Head of the Magic Research Institute, as well as the leader of Wiswald.

Lily Grenadine (voiced by Miki Narahashi)
Hunter Asterisk Holder. Since losing her daughter, she has holed herself up in the forest near the town. However, she is said to be living there with her daughter who died…

Galahad Kelly (voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto)
Shield Master Asterisk Holder. Guardsman of the Magic Research Institute. Although born in Rimedahl, he was taken in by a distant relative living in Wiswald after the death of his parents. He blames himself for the death of Rody and Lily’s daughter.

A white mage powers up during combat in Bravely Default II.

No slew of new Bravely Default II information would be complete without more insight into snazzy special moves and passive abilities.

Beastmaster Special Move: “Let’s Do Our Best Together!”
Summons a large number of monsters and unleashes a powerful physical attack on all enemies. Increases the entire party’s physical attack and magic attack power.

White Mage Special Move: “Sacred Light”
Recovers a large portion of all allies’ HP, as well as cures all status ailments. Increases the entire party’s physical defense and magic defense power.

“Empty Handed” (Monk)
When both hands are free of equipment, physical attack power and accuracy rate significantly increases.

“Aspir Attack” (Black Mage)
Restores MP based on the damage dealt by the “Attack” command.

A beautiful town in Bravely Default II.

Last but by no means least, Square Enix served us up a whopping eight Job Class descriptions. A few of them correspond with characters revealed simultaneously; others have been presented without such delightful context.

An assist job that protects the party’s status. With a number of total effect skills on hand, the Troubadour is a reliable ally against strong enemies.

The Beastmaster captures and employs its prey. From offense to relief, it can fight flexibly according to the situation.

A gambling job unafraid to take a risk. With luck on its side, the Gambler aims for a big return.

An attacker that wields an axe with high attack power to demolish its enemies.

Red Mage
An all-purpose mage prominent in both offense and defense. This universal mage job can use both attack magic and recovery magic.

A master of the bow, the Hunter unleashes powerful blows that pierce the enemy’s weak point.

Shield Master
A defense-specialized job that wards off attacks and protects its allies with high defense power and a large shield.

An artist that repaints the battle. A job that debuffs the enemy through by utilizing various colors.

It won’t be much longer ’til we can have ourselves a most excellent time in Excillant. Bravely Default II is on track for a worldwide launch on February 26th, and the Bravely Default II Final Demo is available now.

Source: Gematsu