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Dry Drowning Moves Its Investigation to Switch in Q1 2021

Dry Drowning dark, noir-style artwork of a a man in a trenchcoat with out of focus city lights in the background

Dry Drowning, a visual novel that boasts over 150 narrative paths and three different endings, is taking its murder investigation on the go! VLG Publishing and developer Studio V announced the game will be hitting Nintendo Switch sometime in the first quarter of 2021! Furthermore, the Switch version will also include an improved English localization and an upgraded user interface over the original PC release.

You can watch the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer for Dry Drowning below:

Daniele Falcone, General Manager at Leonardo Interactive (the label owner of VLG Publishing), had this to say about the Switch port:

Dry Drowning is a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch, as murder mystery fans will be able to mull over difficult decisions and moral dilemmas wherever they may be. With over 150 narrative threads and three completely unique endings to unlock, players will find themselves glued to their screens longer than any show they’ve streamed in recent memory.

About Dry Drowning:

Undernauts: The Labyrinth of Yomi PS5 Advertisement
Undernauts: The Labyrinth of Yomi PS5 Advertisement

• Choices that really matter: More than 150 story branches and three completely different endings.
• Moral choices that impact character relationships and the game environment across a potential 20 hours of gameplay.
• Elaborate clue system for investigations: Learn about the city of Nova Polemos and its citizens through dialogue, evidence, items, and character biographies.
• Horror style interrogations: Use evidence to reconstruct cases, break people’s masks of deception, and uncover the truth with Dry Drowning’s “Living Nightmare” system.
• Explore flashbacks and past cases to solve new ones.
• Dynamic soundtrack with more than 40 dramatic and emotional tracks.
• A balanced mix of Western and Eastern visual arts, casting light on a grim futuristic setting where cyberpunk and retro elements harmoniously coexist.

Dry Drowning is available now for PC on the following platforms: Steam, GOG, Utomik and itch.io. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more about the Switch port!

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