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Treat Your Eyes and Ears to Sword of the Necromancer’s Launch Trailer and Official Theme Song

Tama and Koko, the protagonists of Sword of the Necromancer, enjoying a clear and sunny day together.

It’s finally here. Sword of the Necromancer releases today for a bevy of hardware systems — PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows, to be precise. We’ll soon join heroine Tama on her sympathetic quest to resurrect her fallen lover in this emotional roguelike roller coaster filled with myriad monsters that aren’t always trying to eat you. Thanks to the titular Sword of the Necromancer, you can revive a fair few of them and curse them with a thirst to eat your enemies instead.

To celebrate their successful Kickstarter venture (and advertise the game, of course), developer Grimorio of Games has unveiled Sword of the Necromancer‘s launch trailer. Take a look!

I dig the art style something fierce. Sword of the Necromancer appears keen on mixing lovely sprites with terrific character design, a winning formula in my book.

Inés Mirás composed the vast majority of this game’s soundtrack, but it’s Dale North and Emi Evans whom we have to thank for the official theme song. I can’t decide if I find “Let’s End This…” to be more haunting than beautiful or more beautiful than haunting, so let’s just label it melancholy and click play.

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Well, you can look elsewhere, too. I won’t tell anybody. But do come back!

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