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Sea of Stars’ Sabotage Studios Secures Funding From Kowloon Nights

Key Art From Sea of Stars Showing Protagonists Sitting Beneath The Moon

Sea of Stars, the indie JRPG from Sabotage Studio that was recently crowdfunded via Kickstarter, has found additional financial assistance from publisher Kowloon Nights. The decision to go with a publishing partner is one that began early in the development process for Sea of Stars, and one that the developers wanted to make with full transparency.

“We don’t want to cut content from the game, even if it means requiring more investment,” writes Sabotage Studios in their latest backer update. Building the fully-fledged version of the project would be a “few million dollars venture,” and with the goal of releasing the game in 2022, additional support was needed. According to Sabotage, they will still be self-publishing Sea of Stars, with Kowloon Entertainment acting as a sort of “big sibling” that will allow the studio to realize their wildest ambitions for this title.

From what we’ve seen of the game, Sea of Stars looks like an absolutely phenomenal throwback to classic JRPGs, and something fans of the genre absolutely should keep their eye on. Stay tuned to RPGFan for continued coverage!

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