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Bear Witness to Brave New Battles in Brand New Bravely Default II Trailer

One of the protagonists winks as she casts a spell in Bravely Default II.

We’re creeping ever closer to the release of Bravely Default II, the third game in Square Enix and Silicon Studio’s JRPG franchise. Wait. Third game? But this one says it’s the second game! Yes, well, traditional naming conventions are as foreign to Square these days as turn-based gameplay in modern mainline Final Fantasy. Which, as it happens, is precisely why Bravely Default exists—because there’s still a sizable audience of Final Fantasy fanatics who crave that older-school approach.

Marketing is kicking up all in a flurry in these final days, with numerous games journalism outlets posting their impressions roughly 10 hours into the game. Although RPGFan is not among the sites participating in the preview phase, we will most assuredly have a detailed review for you soon enough.

That said, we do have a shiny new trailer for you today! The video covers some of the game’s battling basics, including casting spells, using items, and engaging in the franchise’s trademark Brave and Default command options.

The narrator gets rather breathlessly disappointed with the player at multiple points throughout the trailer, which is both charming and mildly concerning. Then again, many of Nintendo’s most memorable trailers are, indeed, charming and mildly concerning.

Bravely Default II will make its worldwide debut on February 26th on Nintendo Switch. It’s an RPG. We’re RPGFan. Stay tuned.

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