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Check out SuperGroupies’ New Witcher 3 Apparel

Geralt from the Witcher 3 next to a wristwatch inspired by the Witcher 3

Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies is teaming up with CD Projekt Red to release a new apparel collection based on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The collection includes two beautiful watches. The first is inspired by Geralt and sports the iconic Wolf School Insignia, while the other is Ciri-inspired, and uses a recreation of Ciri’s sword as the minute hand. The collection also includes a wallet, scarf, jacket, and bag. All the pieces look great; you can check them out below!

If you want to add some Witcher flavor to your drip (I’m partial to the Ciri watch, myself), you can preorder the collection from February 3 to February 21, though the collection won’t drop until later in the year. Buyers can expect the watches in October, the wallet and backpack in September, and the jacket and scarf in August.

The watches each cost $198 (USD), the backpack costs $148, the jacket costs $238, and the scarf and wallet each go for $108.

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Brian Mackenzie

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