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Baldur’s Gate III’s Newest Patch Introduces the Druid Class

A Druid Elf in Baldur's Gate III with a wood and plant based outfit.

According to Larian Studios, Baldur’s Gate III is getting its biggest patch yet. Nature’s Power is on the way and includes the brand new Druid class. The class comes with a complete suite of spells and abilities, including iconic druid features from the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop RPG, like wild shape.

The Druid is a nature-themed caster, combining nature-based spells with the ability to transform into different types of animals for travel and close combat. Players will turn into burrowing or flying creatures to travel in new ways, or just turn into a bear to maul their enemies. The class also offers some customization options. Your Druid can either be a Circle of the Land Druid, specializing in spellcasting, or a Circle of the Moon Druid, focused on wild shape.

Beyond the new Druid class, the Nature’s Power patch will bring a few other features to Baldur’s Gate III. Developers are updating cinematics with improved animations and lighting, and you’ll be able to see friends’ equipment and inventories in multiplayer. Keep an eye on who you play with, though, as there is no protection from your allies stealing items from you at this time, though Larian Studios has stated that an inventory locking function will come in later patches.

Lastly, the patch adds a new loaded dice mode, which replaces the 20-sided dice system with a pseudo-random system that smooths out the bell curve’s extremes. The loaded dice system should prevent players using it from being blessed or cursed by the RNG gods.

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