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Disgaea 4 Complete+ Showcases Connection In New Update for PC

Disgaea 4 Complete Plus Screenshot of a pink-haired girl flying into the air with flaming wings and launching a fireball at her opponent.

NIS America has announced that the PC edition of Disgaea 4 Complete+ has received a new suite of multiplayer-focused options and features within its new Network Features Update. The update gives players the opportunity to connect and compete with each other within the world of Disgaea. Check out a trailer for the update below!

The Network Features Update provides players access to the features listed below:

  • Map Editor: Players can create their own unique and original maps by arranging terrain, characters, and objects in myriad ways.
  • Foreign and Defense Ministers: Players can appoint a “Foreign Minister” within their own rank of characters to appear in other players’ Dark Assemblies to sway the voting process and summon other players’ “Defense Minister” to help them in battle.
  • Pirates: Players can combine ship parts and arrange characters to create both a unique ship and crew, to then upload it and fight other players. Additionally, uploaded pirates can also show up in the Item World to either attack or support the players that encounter them.
  • Netherbattle Tournament: Players can upload their characters to four classes and challenge unique online stages by creating a battle party with other players’ characters.
  • Everybody’s Netherworld Records: Players can upload their data to contribute to 12 stat categories that measure every player’s progress within the game.
  • Ranking Battle: Players can engage in a theme battle (rotated weekly) and upload their scores to the ranking boards. Ranking Points (RP) will be awarded according to the player’s ranking, which they can exchange for items at the Ranking Shop.
  • Pirate Trial: Players can engage in trials with their Pirates and upload their results for ranking and receive rewards the following week depending on their rankings.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ centres itself on the story of a bound vampire known as Valvatorez as he wends his way through the Underworld for love, life, and presidential politicking, framed through the lens of tense and layered turn-based battling and deep customisation.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Steam storefront.

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