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Meet Neptunia Virtual Stars’ Ice Cold Antagonists

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With this week’s console release of Neptunia Virtual Stars, Idea Factory has released new character profiles for antagonists Kado and HERO. Kado is the icy cold leader of an army of troops dedicated to destroying the planet Emote, and taking out Faira, Emote’s Digital Goddess.

Kado isn’t working alone though. She has the support of HERO, the brains behind her army’s aggression. It’s up to Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert to save Faira and the planet Emote from Kado’s relentless assault. 

Neptunia Virtual Stars is an action RPG starring the beloved stars of previous Neptunia games, along with actual Vtubers such as those in Hololive and Game Club Project. In battle, you can quickly swap between characters at will, so you can build up some long, flashy combos when you aren’t busy avoiding enemy attacks. 

A Picture of Neptunia Virtual Stars Special Edition

Neptunia Virtual Stars releases for PS4 in North America on March 2, and will release on Steam on March 29. The standard edition is $49.99, but for fans looking for some extra goodies, there’s also a limited edition available for $109.99. The special edition contains the following items:

  • A Copy of Neptunia Virtual Stars
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Steel Game Case
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Art Book
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Soundtrack
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Vinyl Soundtrack
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Collector’s Box
  • Trading Card
  • IFI Store Bundle Code (contains a PS4 theme, 9 PSN avatars, and the digital OST)

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