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Alchemic Cutie, the Cute Jelly RPG Gets Release Date for Xbox

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Do you ever get tired of saving the world or fighting gods with superpowered teenagers? Take a break and become a jelly tamer instead on July 27, 2021, when adorable jelly taming RPG Alchemic Cutie releases for Xbox Series X/S.

In Alchemic Cutie, you’ll roam Wimba island, meet other villagers, and search for the best wild jellies to tame and breed. With uniquely generated stats and 4,000 various jelly appearances, there’s plenty to collect.  

Once you’ve captured the best goo-based companions, you can make them even stronger by feeding them alchemical stat boosters. Once you have the perfect slimy specimen, you’ll be ready to compete with the other Wimba island inhabitants in a variety of jelly competitions.

You can get your hands on the jelly taming RPG on Xbox Series X/S on July 27, 2021. Have no fear if you prefer a different console, though, as the game will release later in 2021 for Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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