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Jam Out This Weekend at the vgmtogether Music Event

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Do you love video game music? Then vgmtogether is the event for you. This virtual event is a 3-day video game music extravaganza hosted live on Twitch starting on March 12, 2021. The event is loaded with performances, panels, and community activities, so there’s a little something for everyone. 

RPG fans should definitely check out the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Melodies Reborn: Music of Final Fantasy XIV panels on Friday, the Paper Mario medley performance on Saturday. I’m also looking forward to the Supergiant Games performance and the video game music trivia panel. MAGFest attendees and VGM fans in general will recognize several performers, such as Knight of the Round, Lauren the Flute, Super Soul Bros., the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra, and Jillian Aversa.

If you get tired of panels and performances, you can always kick back and relax in the scheduled community board game, Smash Bros, or Among Us lobbies.

The event is free to attend, you can check out vgmtogether’s official site for the full schedule of events, performers, and panels, and details on how to attend.

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