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Check out Black Legend’s Spooky Suite of Monsters

Black Legend Two soldiers roaming through the fog

Warcave has teased that the enemies you’ll fight against in their upcoming strategy RPG, Black Legend, are inspired by Belgian and Dutch folklore, but now they’ve announced some of the specific monsters that roam the city streets of Grant. Check out a few of them below.

Old Red Eyes is a shapeshifting monster that can appear as a hulk of a man or a fire-eyed black dog.  The creature is a cannibal driven by its cravings to kidnap children to gobble them up.

The Nekker is another child kidnapping shapeshifter, but this one is water-themed. In addition to nabbing children that come too close to the water, the Nekker lures adults too. It poses as a drowning child before pulling them under the surface. Once the Nekker captures its prey, it sucks out their blood and seals their soul in an urn. 

Moving away from shapeshifters, Witte Wieven are women clad in white and often traveling in groups of three who might help or hinder an adventurer, depending on their mood. When angered, Witte Wieven are known to eat cats and steal children from their cradles, never to return (I’m noticing a trend here).

Lord Halewijn originates from one of the oldest ever recorded Dutch folk songs. The lord captures his prey by singing a beguiling song, and anyone who goes to him is beheaded or petrified.

A particularly gruesome trio, The Blood Carriage consists of three masked men who operate a blood-soaked carriage. They prowl the night, searching for children out after dark to pull into their cart and feed to the Toecutter demons that suck out their blood.

If these creatures aren’t enough nightmare fuel for you, you’ll want to check out all of Black Legend’s monsters when it releases on March 25 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One Series X/S, and Steam.

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