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Phoenix Edge Ep. 169 – Meaningful Side Quests in RPGs & What Defines a Game as an ‘RPG’? (Discussion)

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In this episode, the panel is back from a short break to answer more questions from the Phoenix Edge community! The discussion begins with what separates a good side quest from the all-too-common fetch quest or monster slaying quest. The conversation then transitions to what qualifies a game as an RPG, and how this compares to games from other genres that include RPG mechanics.

Topics Discussed:

  • [05:22​] Meaningful Side-Quests in RPGs
  • [34:54​] Defining what makes an ‘RPG’ in 2021
  • [1:05:27​] RPGs we appreciate more or less on 2nd play-through
  • [1:43:55] RPGFan Media Partner

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Stan Marlow

Stan Marlow

Stan is part of RPGFan Media Partner Phoenix Edge, a weekly RPG podcast on YouTube. His first RPG was Final Fantasy IV. Today he spends his days in an office and on the side - when not podcasting - writes articles about storytelling in games. He is also designing a couple board games, a task that he is learning is harder than expected.

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