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Front Mission Trademark Renewed In Multiple Regions

Front Mission Trademark Renewed

Those in the cult of the strategic mech RPG series Front Mission may have reason to celebrate: Square Enix has just renewed the trademark on the name in Japan, Canada, Europe, the US, and Australia.

The last time we saw Front Mission, it had become a survival action game called Left Alive for the PlayStation 4 and PCs, a far cry from its strategic RPG roots of yore. The last time we saw that kind of Front Mission game was in 2008 the original Nintendo DS with Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness (an enhanced version of the 2005 mobile original), and only in Japan. For SRPG fans, it’s been a while.

Left Alive character art by Yoji Shinkawa
Left Alive was the last time we saw the Front Mission brand, with art from Yoji Shinkawa!

The trademark does curiously only mention toys and physical games in the Australian and European editions, while the Japanese and North American versions include video games. This could be a sign that some sort of development will include plans for a localization in North American markets, but that’s just speculation on our part for now.

Source: Siliconera

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The siliconera article mentions that they fied for a trademark in category 28 in Europe, which is "Games" as a general term and is a class also related to video game trademarks, not only physical toys and games.

Mike Salbato
Mike Salbato

@MrSark: It seems to vary a little based on what site I'm looking at, but 28 seems to focus more on the physical side, such as arcade cabinets and controllers: Looking on the EU IPO's search, games themselves and software in general are under class 9: - backed up looking elsewhere:

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