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Bandai Namco Releases The Opening Animation For Scarlet Nexus

Two characters are in utter disbelief in Scarlet Nexus.

My, what a pleasant surprise.

Bandai Namco has gifted us with the opening animation for their upcoming dual-protagonist action RPG, Scarlet Nexus. Let’s take a look, shall we?

If your idea of a good time is stylish and colorful weaponry, characters whose blank faces are eventually replaced with actual faces, and the picture-perfect moment to jump from artwork into full-blown animation, then you’re probably into anime opening themes. And, since Scarlet Nexus is clearly an anime JRPG, you’ll probably be into this, too.

Pink sakura blossoms, blotches of blood-like red, and the obligatory “heroes lined up, looking at the sunset” shot all lead into the quintessential moment wherein the game’s two lead characters, Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall, grab each other’s hands after attempting to kill one-another.

Two characters united in common purpose in Scarlet Nexus.

I’m being cheeky, of course, but this has all the makings of the sort of thing I’ll pop onto a Spotify playlist whilst running in place on my treadmill next weekend. But what’s an anime-esque video game opening animation without a Japanese rock band with a hilarious name? Four-time Space Shower Music Awards (!) nominees and two-time winners, Oral Cigarette delivers a groovy dance-punk track that admittedly had my foot tapping my chair enthusiastically.

We’re rapidly approaching the June 25th release date for Scarlet Nexus, which will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Windows via Steam. Are you hyped? Did the trailer pump you up? Let us know in the comments and check back soon for more boppin’ RPGFan coverage.

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