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Dragon Quest Treasures Tells the Childhood Tale of Dragon Quest XI’s Erik and Mia

Erik, Mia, and a funny-looking friend in Dragon Quest Treasures.

With the sweet, sweet announcements of Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate and Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake now behind us, it’s almost too easy to get lost theorizing what the former’s “mature tone” means, or ogling the stunning beauty of the latter’s Octopath Traveler aesthetic. But to do so would be to neglect another important announcement: Dragon Quest Treasures, starring Dragon Quest XI‘s Erik and Mia in their kid-aged days.

In this prequel to the events of Echoes of an Elusive Age, we find the children embroiled in a high-seas adventure filled with treasure maps, goofy-looking monsters, nighttime voyages and a skeleton bloke who is also a nefarious pirate captain. (He’s surrounded by a lass with pink hair and a lad whose hair is purple, and they all look like they mean business, so we’ll probably bump up against them throughout the course of the story.)

The reveal trailer does a nice job painting the picture of a swashbuckling tale starring familiar faces. It would be a shame to miss this one, so it’s good news that the development team is working hard to give us a simultaneous worldwide release. No word yet on a date or planned platforms, however.

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