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Elderand Bringing Lovecraftian-Inspired Action RPG Treasure Hunting in 2022

Elderand logo over a dark and foggy land littered with gothic castles.

During today’s Guerrilla Collective 2 showcase, we got a fresh look at Elderand, an action RPG with Metroidvania elements, coming from developers Mantra and Sinergia Games.

Created to be a “love letter to Castlevania with modern elements,” Elderand features skill-based combat, and a dark and drearly world filled with tons of treasures and items to find. The skill-based combat draws immediate comparison—on the game’s own Steam page—to the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, in addition to the likes of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Salt and Sanctuary, and Hollow Knight.

As you can see in the trailer and screenshots below, Elderand is rocking some solid pixel graphics and has no shortage of loot to find. We don’t know just how extensive the upgrade system is yet, but you can see a menu for upgrading stats as your character levels up, so there’s at least a level of customization involved in how your character grows.

Elderand has been development for awhile, and has garnered some attention in Brazil, according to today’s press release:

Elderand won best game and best game design in the gamepolitan awards. The biggest event in northeast Brazil. In 2018, we secured 250k investment from Ancine, Brazilian national agency. Since then major improvements went into the game and the vast majority of the visual assets were completed.

Mantra and Sinergia are aiming to bring Elderand to Windows via Steam sometime in 2022, and we will be keeping you updated as development continues! Check out some screenshots before you go:

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