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Behold! A New Anime Intro for Legend of Mana

Legend of Mana Remaster Screenshot 015

The Mana Tree is looking good! We got a new anime-style intro trailer for the remaster of Legend of Mana at Square Enix’s presentation this afternoon, and it was a very powerful (and brief) hit of nostalgia in the middle of the showcase. Aside from the amazing music composed by Yoko Shimomura, the trailer also featured many of the key characters lovingly brought to life in a new way. The art and character design was always one of this game’s strongest points, so it’s really satisfying to revisit now. The trailer also gives a peek at some of the beautiful locations — from the sleepy town of Domina to the dragon-filled wilds — and some of the unique races like Sproutlings and fairies.

Check out the trailer yourself! It gives a good introduction if you’re new to the game, and if you’re revisiting the world, you’ll really enjoy seeing these familiar faces. The best part was, for me, the little character scenes for your potential party members. Poor Elazul looks like he did not dress or plan appropriately for the jungle.

Here’s the original PlayStation intro for comparison:

Legend of Mana is releasing on on June 24th on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam. There are also some early purchase rewards if you buy before July 23rd, including Legend of Mana avatars and themes!

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