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Life is Strange: True Colors and Life is Strange Remastered Collection Find a Home on Switch

Alex Chen standing behind a beanie hat wearing friend in Life is Strange: True Colors

After a fantastic look at the latest game in the Life is Strange series during Square Enix’s presentation on Sunday, Nintendo had even more to announce for this well-loved series. Three games in the series, Life is Strange, its prequel Before the Fall, and the upcoming True Colors will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this year too. To celebrate, we got a look at a cute-looking animation starring Chloe, Max, and Alex:

We only got to see footage of True Colors during Nintendo’s presentation, but it looks pretty darn good. These games are perfect for playing in chunks on-the-go, so there couldn’t be a better home for them.

During Square’s presentation, we also got to see footage of the Remastered Collection, which sadly doesn’t include Life is Strange 2. This duology, which follows Max and Chloe, is coming to PlayStation 4 , Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 30th, but no date was confirmed for the Switch version except 2021. You can see how these two games look on other consoles here:

For Life is Strange: True Colors, Switch owners won’t have to wait any longer at all, as it’s launching on the same day as other platforms: September 10th! That’s looking like a busy day for video game fans, so be sure to book that week off. Or the entire month. That’s what I’m considering at the moment.

If these games get more attention, hopefully the overlooked Life is Strange 2 will get the recognition it deserves. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the newest game in this series is like, and we don’t have much longer to go!

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