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Anuchard Chimes In With A Release Window in Q1 2022 on Xbox & Windows PC

The protagonist of Anuchard sits within a ringed depression, where a blue lake sits underneath adjoined by a gigantic tree. It has an opening on its trunk.

Developer stellarNull and Microsoft have announced that their bell-and-action-focused RPG Anuchard will launch in Q1 of 2022 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC systems via Steam. The publishing duties for Anuchard will be handled by Freedom Games, responsible for publishing indie titles with panache, such as Dreamscaper or the recently released strategy RPG Dark Deity. For a snapshot of Anuchard itself, check out the announcement trailer below, replete with the most satisfying bell sounds I’ve personally heard in all of gaming!

Heckin’ good chimes, right? In Anuchard, players are in the shoes of a faceless hero known as the Bellwielder, whose pursuit is saving souls. In turn, the souls the Bellwielder saves will populate a recurring settlement that acts as a hub and waystation between forays into dungeons where combat commonly strikes. In combat, players will use the Auros Bell, a weapon that has the ability to knock back enemies in violent fashion across the screen, as seen above, alongside objects which could potentially be used for puzzles to stymy the soundest gong.

Anuchard pays its inspirations to the library of former RPG developer Quintet, responsible for such classic titles such as Terranigma and Soul Blazer, and its apparent in the game’s clear tones, retro aesthetic and fast-paced combat, screenshots of which can be seen below!

For players who are fans of all seen above, Anuchard is something to keep a keen eye on, and we here at RPGFan will keep you updated on all news Anuchard and RPG as more details arrive!

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Trent Argirov

Trent Argirov

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