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Retro Encounter 293 – Knights in the Nightmare Part II

Retro Encounter 293 Knights in the Nightmare

The stunning conclusion to Knights in the Nightmare is here, and holy plot Batman, that was a doozy! And with a remaster just announced for Japan this week, we cannot wait for more folks to dig in to this fascinating experience!

(no relation to NiGHTS into Dreams for Sega Saturn)

Featuring: Eva Padilla, Pete Leavitt; Edited by Micah Coates

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Eva Padilla

Eva Padilla

Eva is a Chicago-based writer, teacher, and singer of the band August Hotel. She's likely the staff member best-equipped to answer your burning questions about the discography of Björk, the economy of modern-day Greece, or the many ways you can make a Bellossom sweep a whole team. Push her to tweet more.

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