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Spike Chunsoft’s “Nine Eyes TV” Teaser Website Potentially Hints at AI: The Somnium Files Sequel

Nine Eyes Staring at you in a teaser website image called Nine Eyes TV from Spike Chunsoft. it hints to a sequel to Ai: The Somnium Files.

Ealirer today, Spike Chunsoft dropped us a little nugget of mystery for us to solve on Twitter. They revealed a brand-new teaser website, named “Nine Eyes TV,” and fans were quick to scramble to discover just what secrets this website holds! The page shows nine floating eyes above a derelict television set, and each eye contains text, or symbols. Each of these is essentially a riddle, and the answer to each eye riddle makes up a password which can be entered at the bottom of the page.

If you’re a fan of Spike Chunsoft’s oeuvre then this is exactly the kind of thing you probably love doing. So, if you manage to figure out the answer (or, as I did, take a little peek on Twitter), then you’ll find an ominous-looking skull with a countdown in minutes and seconds. Which means, if my maths is any good, we’re going to find out exactly what this teaser means on July 1st. That’s not long!

But the best part? Savvy detectives have discovered that tucked away in the source code of the website is the URL The page leads to a 404 for now, but this could mean the the website is a teaser for a sequel to 2019’s AI: The Somnium Files. If that’s the case, then count me in! The broken TV and the eyes are a big-enough hint, but this hidden URL is starting to get me excited. I wont start singing “Infinite Rainbow Arrow” until it’s confirmed, but I think even special agent Kaname Date would be impressed with our deduction skills.

We’ll let you know as soon as Spike Chunsoft spills the…eyeballs? I really don’t want that. Let’s just wait for more information. We’ll deliver it to you in as safe a way as we can.

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Alana Hagues

Alana Hagues

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